Do you ride a bike in the city? Are you a driver who is annoyed by cyclists? Should they be banned from the roads in cities? Come to tonight’s café débat and share your opinions!

Are we surrounded by censorship? Is it or can it be effective? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Come to tonight’s café débat and discuss this subject!

The death penalty has always been a hot topic: some are for it and some are against. What about you? What are the “pros & cons”? Come to tonight’s café débat and discuss this very controversial subject!

Do you have any pets? What do you think about animals? Is a dog “man’s best friend”? Come to tonight’s café débat and share your ideas!

Do you have problems understanding your boss? Do you know any typical phrases that really only managers use? Come and find out at tonight’s café débat!

Do you eat healthy food? Do you exercise? Is that important to you? Come to tonight’s café débat and see what the others think!

You can speak – English! Must you? Is it or a form of it really the universal language? Come to tonight’s café débat and discuss this subject!

Should schools be responsible for detecting drug usage? Would it be fair for all students to be subject to drug tests? Should this also apply to teaching staff and the administration? Join our Café Débat tonight to discuss this controversial issue!

We are proud to live in a free country, but is it really? Are we losing our freedom and civil liberties? Debate this subject with others tonight!

Do you like your job? If you could do any job, what would it be? Come to tonight’s Café Débat and share your ideas!

Is Big Brother watching you? Do we live in a police state? Are we free to do what we want? Come and debate this ever topical subject!

Did you like school? Did it really help you? Is school really useful? Come to tonight’s Café Débat and see if the others think the same!

Discover this new expression – or refresh your memory if you’ve already heard it!

It will be Christmas time before you know it. And we’re all busy preparing for our family and cultural traditions.
But what do you really know about Christmas?
Do you know that Christmas was once illegal? Since when has Christmas been celebrated on 25th December?
 Test yourself first by doing this quiz!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

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