With this recipe, you will learn how to make delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies! You will also learn some useful English vocabulary related to baking, including some conversion tips for measurement units.

Pièges classiques en anglais

Normally in English we use the verb “do” for an activity and “make” to mean to create something. There are, however, many exceptions and expressions that one has to learn. Do this quiz to see if you know the expressions!

Retrouvez l’équipe de l’American Center les 28 et 29 septembre à Marseille pour la Journée Européenne des Langues ! Animations, surprises, et découvertes … un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer !

On holiday? Nous non! L’American Center reste ouvert tout l’été ! Nous vous proposons deux stages intensifs de plus fin août pour améliorer votre anglais. Les stages intensifs d’anglais de l’American Center vous permettront d’être plus à l’aise avec la langue de Shakespeare. C’est le meilleur moment – English in August!

It’s Vacation Time! Are you on holiday already? Going on holiday? Do you know the English words you need? Test your knowledge!

You can speak English! But can you write it correctly? Were you good at spelling bees (concours d’orthographe) when you were young? Try this test!

What is the difference between “travel” and “tourism”? Which do you prefer? Is there a compromise between the two? To find out what others think, come to tonight’s café débat!

From clothing to TV channels to face cleansers and types of coffee drinks… Do we suffer from too many choices? Can you live without all these modern conveniences? Come to tonight’s café débat to discuss this with others!

“France has the best health-care system in the world.” Is this still true? Will it still be true in the near future? Is the system in danger because of planned reforms? Come to tonight’s café débat to debate this very current topic!

Do you know what a white lie is? Come to tonight’s café débat to find out and to debate whether it’s a good or a bad thing!

Le Festival de Cannes vous fait rêver ? Et si cette année vous suivez la fameuse montée des marches et les cérémonies en anglais ?
Vivez les moments phares en live à travers les yeux d’un anglophone sur la chaîne YouTube officielle du festival.
A vous le tapis rouge et le flash des projecteurs !

Most people learn « American » or « British » English, but there are other « Englishes », with slight variations and specific vocabulary and phrases, in other English-speaking countries. Today’s Tip for Success is about Australian English. Take the quiz to see if you can speak like a real “Aussie.”

Is the perfect world – Utopia – possible? What would it be like? Would you like to live in it? Share your ideas at tonight’s café débat!

Do you “work to live” or “live to work?” Is it true that people today are either over-worked or unemployed? Is it healthy to work too much? At tonight’s café débat we will discuss this current subject!

You know what IQ is; have you heard of EQ (Emotional Intelligence)? What are the differences? Which is more important? Come to this café débat to find out more and discuss this new term!